SERS Substrates


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SERS Substrates

Silver nanowires

NanoSeedz™ provides CTAB-capped gold nanoplates in a hexagonal shape. The number purity of the gold nanoplates is >95%.  The in-plane dipolar plasmon peak is around 790 nm. The synthesis of these gold nanoplates  has been precisely controlled. The samples are characterized and examined by extinction spectroscopy before delivery.

Gold Nanoplates

Nanoseedz™ provides CTAB-capped hexagonal gold nanoplates
Part # Lateral size*/thickness (nm) Volume (mL) OD* (at SPRW*) Price (USD)
GNPL-790-20 150±10/40±2 10 2 88
GNPL-790-50 150±10/40±2  25  2  178

Lateral size*: the distance between two parallel edges.
SPRW*: in-plane dipolar plasmon resonance peak wavelength.
OD*: optical density per centimeter light path.